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Waterproofing / Water reducing
liquid admixture

  150 ml, 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 220 litres
Ideal admixture for waterproofing all
roof concrete and plaster, basement,
water retaining structures, etc.
Improves workability, compressive strength,
fills microscopic pores, eliminates leakage
and dampness.
150 ml for
50 kg bag of cement

Waterproofing powder admixture

  1, 20 and 50 kilograms
Admixture for waterproofing water
retaining structures, water tank,
basement, reservoir, etc. for concrete
and plaster
Improves cohesiveness of concrete,
preventing segregation, reduces capillary
pores, avoids leakage and dampness
1 kg for 50 kg bag of cement

Single component acrylic polymer modified
cementitious bonding & waterproof coating

  500 ml, 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 220 litres
Ideal for waterproofing RCC terraces, water
tanks,bathroom sunken floors, swimming pools.
Can be used with cement paint to improve
waterproofing quality and also for repair works.
Forms hard, tough and abrasion resistant
coating. Bonds strongly to concrete,
unaffected by UV light and weathering,
micro pores, allows breathing
Mix 1 part Durocrete AMR with 2 parts
of cement for both waterproofing and
bond coat. 3-5% water may be added
for better brushable consistency.
Coverage: 2.50 to 2.75 lt/sq.mt. of mix

Single component cementitious
waterproof coating

  5, 10, 20 kilograms
Waterproofing RCC roofs and floors,
balconies and non-critical areas
Forms hard, tough and abrasion
resistant waterproof coating for concrete
and masonry structures, penetrates the
capillary pores and seals them
1-2 kg/sq.mt.

Two component acrylic polymer
modified cemetitious waterproof coating

  5, 10, 20 kilograms (Part A+B)
Waterproofing of RCC roof, water tank,
bathroom slab, masonry wall, basement, etc.
Protects water penetration, excellent
adhesion on concrete, strong and durable,
having good breathing capacity
1 kg will cover 2 to 5 sq.ft. and will
give a thickness of 1.5 mm
depending on surface conditions.
Add required quantity of water
to get trowelable consistency.

Two component cementitious
elastomeric waterproofing coating

  5, 10 and 20 kilograms (Part A+B)
External waterproofing, water retaining
structures, balconies, terrace slabs / toilets,
basements, water tanks etc.
High flexible waterproof coating, good
elasticity, UV Resistant
2.5 - 3 kg/sq.mt.
with 1.5 mm thickness

Single component elastomeric
exterior waterproof coating

  5, 10, 20 litres
Waterproofing of RCC roof, exterior walls,
facades and exterior vertical surfaces
UV Resistant, Bridges cracks, available in
wide range of colours, eco-friendly, applied
by brush and roller
500 ml/sq.mt./300 micron DFT
300 ml/sq.mt./200 micron DFT
200 ml/sq.mt./150micron DFT

Heavy duty UV resistant liquid acrylic
waterproof coating

  5, 20 kilograms
Terrace / roof slabs, can be applied over
brick bat coba, screeds, previous acrylic
coatings, etc.
Resistant to abrasion and weather
condition, UV Resistant, bridges cracks,
no additional protective coating is
required for normal foot traffic, 2 or 3
coats for waterproofing
2.5 - 3 kg/sq.mt.
thickness 1.5 mm

Colourless silicone water repellent

  500 ml, 1, 5, 10, 20 litres
Can be applied for exteriors of building,
concrete, natural stone for complete
Water based waterproofing system,
eliminates fungus or biological growth,
protects costly exteriors for long period
Durocoat-SL and water at 1:8 ratio.
1 litre diluted Durocoat-SL
covers 5 to 6 m2 depending on the
surface conditions.

Two component
epoxy based waterproof coating

  1, 4 kilograms (Part A+B)
Waterproofing water tanks, RCC terraces,
swimming pools, under ground
basements and storage silos
Excellent waterproofing, good resistance to
mild acids, alkalis and solvents like oil,
petrol, etc.
1 kg will cover 5 to 6 sq.ft. per coat
depending on the surface condition