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The fixing adhesive

  5, 10, 20, 25 kilograms
Interior / exterior tile fixing, marbles, stone,
mosaic and ceramic tile fixing in toilet and
bathrooms, swimming pools, and areas
constantly affected by water
Excellent bonding strength, self curing,
ready to use, only water to be added,
high workability, resistant to dilute acids,
alkalis and soap water
2.5 to 3 kgs. per sq. meter
for 3 mm thickness

High bond tile adhesive

  20, 25 kilograms
Suitable for tile on tile applications, fixing all
kinds of tiles on internal /external floor and
vitrified, large format ceramic tiles on internal
and external walls
Ready to use, need only mixing with water.
Excellent adhesion, low shrinkage,
accommodates physical and thermal movements.
6 - 6.5 sq.mt./25 kg bag
at 3 mm thickness

2.5 - 3 sq.mt./25 kg bag
at 6 mm thickness

Tile joint filler

  500 grams, 1 kilogram
Most suitable for filling of tile joints
internally/externally, swimming pool, bathrooms,
kitchen sink tile joints, marbles, kota stones &
mosaic tile joints
Available in variety of colours, bonds strongly
to joining surfaces. Water, soap water
resistant. Does not shrink or crack.
Mix with water at 2:1 ratio
by volume. 40 sq.ft. per kg.
of 150 mm x 150 mm size tile

Epoxy based tile joint filler

  1 kilogram (Part A+B+C)
Useful for grouting joints of ceramic, marble,
mosaic, etc. It is recommended for areas where
hygiene is of utmost importance
Higher compressive strength, less water
absorption, acid, alkali, stain and dirt
resistant, easy to clean. Provides hygienic,
tough and impervious properties.
Mix prepacked Resin, hardener and
filler thoroughly and fill in the joints
using putty blade. Coverage
depends on size and width of joint.

Polymer additive for cement base tile adhesive

  1, 5, 10, 20 litres
A flexible Additive. It is need to be mixed
with Durotile-AD and Allen’s Tile Fix. Ideal
for fixing tile on ply wood. Suitable for
internal as well as external application
High bond strength, suitable for vibration
prone areas, ideal for tile on wood and ply wood application, easy to use.
5 litres of Tile Bond
Admix should be mixed
with 20 kg Durotile-AD/
Allen's tile fix.

Additive for cement base tile grout

  150, 500 ml, 1 litre
To be used with tile grouts to fill the tile
joints of ceramic, vitrified and natural
stone tiles.
Excellent chemical resistance, no water
mixing required, improves the
performance of Durotile-TG. Colour
fastness, flexibility and waterproof.
Depends upon size and
width of joint