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Emulsified wax based curing compound

  20, 50, 100, 220 litres
Suitable for curing canal lining, concrete
roads, bridges and during repair of
columns and beams
Wax based curing compound, sprayable,
easy to apply, very useful in places of water
shortage and difficult areas to cure
4 to 7 sq.mt./litre

Acrylic curing compound

  20, 50, 100, 220 litres
Industrial floor slabs, warehouses,
concrete floor toppings, column and
beams of marine structures.
Acrylic curing, sealing, Hardening and
dust proofing membrane, transparent
curing film for new concrete. Seals all
the pores on the concrete for improved
abrasion by impregnating into surface
pores, chemical resistance.
4 to 6 sq.mt./litre/two coats