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Dry shake ready to use
non-metallic floor hardener

  20, 50 kilograms
Most suitable for floor subject to heavy
wear and tear, industrial heavy duty
floor, warehouses,work shops, loading docks, etc.
Highest abrasion resistant,bonds
monolithically to the base concrete,
resistant to oil and grease,does not shrink or crack.
Heavy : 7 kg/sq.mt.
Medium : 5 kg/sq.mt.
Light : 3 kg/sq.mt.

Non-oxidizing heavy duty
metallic floor hardener

  20, 50 kilograms
Production Area Floors, Godowns, Wet
processing plants, steel plants, etc
Being non-ferrous it does not rust.
It has 4-5 times more abrasion
resistance than the normal concrete.
Normal Traffic: 3-5 kg/m2
Heavy Traffic: 6-10 kg/m2