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Single Component Water Base Rust Converter and Primer

1 litre, 5 litres, 10 litres, 20 litres
Used in all old metal surface before applying top coat paint like vehicles body, railings, metal sheet, tank, etc. Easy to apply, fast application and no hassle of removing rust. 100 ml/

Anti-corrosive Zinc Rich Primer

20 kg
Used as anti-corrosive primer on metal surface, reinforcement bars, etc. Excellent adhesion to steel substrates. Resistant to saline corrosive conditions. 180 - 200 gm/ with DFT of 30 microns.

Solvent Containing Two Pack Zinc Rich Coating Material on Epoxy Resin Basis

20 litres (15 litres of Part A + 5 litres of Part B)
Suitable for steel construction and metals. For use in corrosive environments. Anti- corrosive coating for structural steel, crude oil storage tanks, etc. It cures to a hard, excellent anti- corrosive property, good adhesion property. Approximate 200 - 300 gm/