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Non-shrink, high strength,
free flow grout

  20 kilograms
Most suitable for grouting of engine,
heavy duty machinery foundations,
grouting for emergency repair and immediate installation.
Non shrink, free flow and high strength
cementitious grout,ready to use powder,
helps in quick installation, no rusting of
re-inforcement, good workability and
Approximately 3 - 3.5 litres
of water required for
20 kg bag of Durogrout-HN

Three part epoxy grout for
vibratory/ heavy duty equipment base

  16 kilograms (8 kg x 2)
High strength epoxy grout for machine
and equipment base like compressor,
crane rails,tanks, turbines,large anchor bolts, etc.
Non shrink, free flowing epoxy grout
system. System consists of resin hardener
and grade filler. Excellent bond strength.
High chemical resistance.
Consumption / yield in
1950 kg/sq.mt.

Low viscosity epoxy resin injection grout
for structural strengthening

  2 kilograms X 5 nos. (10 kgs)
Suitable for repair,rehabilitation of
structures,sealing hairline cracks in
bridges, girders,columns,beams, etc.
Good chemical resistant, excellent
flowability for easy injection grouting,
strong bonding provides very high early and ultimate strength. Penetrates deep into
the cracks and fissures.
Mix part A & B, having
yield of 1.08 kg/litre

Grout admixture

  1, 5, 10, 100 and 220 litres
Most suitable for grouting concrete
Good workability, high penetration,
strong bonding, extended set time
1 litre for 50 kg bag of cement
and 60 litres of water

Single component pressure grout for
cement /mortar /concrete

  1, 5, 10 and 20 kilograms
Pressure grouting voids, cable duct grouting
in pre-stress concrete, joint filling of RCC
Hume pipes.
Can be used with cement, sand or concrete
for cost effective solution. Expanding grout
admixtures compensation by controlled
expansion during initial setting stage
1 kg for 50 kg bag of cement

Polyester resin based adhesive grout

  1 kilogram
For anchoring bolts or bars into concrete,
rock, masonry or brick works, etc.
Good workability, high penetration, strong
bonding,extended set time.
Required grams =
(Volume of the holes minus (-)
volume of the bolt to be inserted)
multiplied by (x)
specific gravity (2.30)